23 Mar

Uses of glass in different industries

The glass is one of the most used elements in the world today. From vehicles to buildings and smartphones, glass is being used in the majority of industries for many reasons. In the list below we take a look at some of the industries where glass is used the most. Auto glass Ajax has been providing glass to vehicles in Canada for a long time now.

1. Automobile

Glass finds its biggest usage in the automobile industry. There are currently over 1 billion vehicles being used in the world at the moment and all of those vehicles use glass in one way or the other. Their biggest usage in automobiles is in the windshields. Every automobile needs a windshield which is primarily made up of glass. The glass in the windshield sandwiches a sticky substance in between. This helps the glass to remain intact with one another and in the case of breakage, it holds the pieces together and doesn’t let it fly into or away from the vehicle. The glass in also used in windows of cars and other vehicles. Apart from that glass is used in the sunroof as well which is on the roof of a vehicle and retracts and comes on as the driver pleases to do. There are other uses of glass as well such as in the engine bay cover. In cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, the engine is covered by glass for people to see the engine. The glass in automobiles is being replaced by plastics in some cases however plastic doesn’t offer as much clarity as glass and so glass in unlikely to be replaced in the near future. There are many shops that change the windshield or broken window panels in cars. One such shop is Auto glass Ajax which is situated in Canada. This shop is among the best for replacing windshields of cars and other vehicles.

2. Electronic devices

There are more than 7 billion smartphones in the world today and most of them use glass as their screen. When other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and computers are added this number grows even further. The usage of glass in the electronic devices has been monumental in the last decade. Companies like Corning have become one of the best in providing glass to personal devices such as smartphones. The glass used in these devices have superiority over the plastics in terms of quality and durability. Corning produces Gorilla glass which is used in the smartphones to give it a nice look and feel. Glass is also used in devices such as TV which have one of the biggest screen of any electronic device. With continuous growth in the industry the amount of glass usage is expected to rise at the same pace as it has been for the last decade.

3. Buildings

Another field that glass finds its usage is in buildings. In today’s world, there are many skyscrapers which have been constructed in the urban areas to keep the population in comfort. These buildings are often constructed with glass as the outermost layer of it. The glass in the building keep the building looking beautiful and also possesses certain safety advantages. The glass used in the buildings are among the largest in the business and so need to be constructed with great precision and good technique.

The above three industries are the ones in which glass is used the most. The usage is expected to grow even more as the world progresses. It is to be seen whether any replacement for glass is made in the future, but for now, glass is among the most used elements in the world.

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