There are many different kinds of windshield cracks, the Toronto Auto Glass industry experts are the number one solution that problem. Most windshield cracks are caused by rocks, or other objects. Whether you have a long crack, or a starbust crack, auto glass experts are here to help. The mistake most people make is noticing a small chip in their windshield and leaving it there. Eventually, that chip will turn into a large crack, causing you to pay almost double of what you would have paid had you fixed the chip. It’s a great thing Auto Glass Changers offers affordable prices and great solutions. In most cases, cracks that are less than six inches can be repaired. Cracks that are longer, or reach the edge of the windshield, will most likely result in replacement of the entire windshield. An auto glass expert is very educated and familiar with both situations. It is important to understand the types of cracks that can affect your windshield. Some of the main windshield cracks that are fixed on a daily basis are; bull’s eye cracks – these cracks are caused by a rock, or other objects that is circular on the outer layer of the glass. Many auto glass technicians also note that floater cracks are extremely popular.

These cracks start in the middle of the windshield and spread their way across both sides. Are you aware that your windshield can crack due to large variations in temperature? Auto Glass experts receive many cries for help from clients in the GTA who approached their car and noticed a crack. This is called a stress crack. Stone breaks are the one of the most common cracks that occur according to auto glass industry experts. It occurs when a small stone hits the windshield causing a chip which eventually turns into a long crack. A chip is probably a term everyone has heard of. It is caused by a small rock or hard object that flies into the windshield. Auto glass experts deal with over 500 clients per month that experience chips in their windshield. Try to avoid driving on newly constructed roadways or behind trucks on the road. Expert auto glass workers reported over 90% of damaged done because of the condition of the roads, is not covered by insurance companies. A chip may be an easy, affordable fix, but the dollars do add up over time. Professionals in the auto glass industry constantly urge GTA residents to watch out for bumps in the road, and large trucks on the highway. One of the most annoying cracks reported are Crack chips. This is a single crack that can be covered with a quarter with an impact point. Toronto Auto Glass repairs crack chips on a weekly basis.

A ding is a term commonly used by residents to describe a tiny crack in the windshield caused by a rock. Remember, at Auto Changers, we urge you to fix that ding before it becomes a long crack! Dings are not always noticeable. It is important to scan your windshield on a daily basis. Technicians perform examinations for customers and ends up finding dings that the customer didn’t even notice. Had it not been for our initial examination, that ding would have turned into a large crack, and that can end up being more costly for you. Experts see many cases of large cracks every year, and of those cases, almost 50% of the cracks cannot be repaired. When a crack is 15cm long, you can almost guarantee that your windshield will need to be replaced. Auto Glass workers replace hundreds of windshields for customers who were unfortunately unable to fix their crack. Some cracks, such as star break cracks, have a very unique shape. Auto glass experts describe these cracks as a series of radial cracks coming off of the impact point, resembling a shining star. This crack is normally caused by a small ball being thrown at a windshield. As an added safety feature, auto glass workers recommend all residents install security cameras on their vehicles.

This way, if something is thrown at your car, you know exactly what, or who it was. When driving on a rocky road, you can experience an edge crack. Auto glass owners come into contact with over 2,000 edge cracks per year. An edge crack starts within two inches of the windshield, or reaches the edge of the windshield. It normally forms right away and starts at 10-12 inches long. Industry Auto Glass professionals educate many people on how to avoid these cracks. Again, try to avoid going on rocky roads! Take a different way. This may take more time, but it will save you big bucks. Auto Glass industry experts noted, residents spent over $40,000 last year to replace long cracks that could have been avoided. Nobody wants to be a part of that statistic. All residents are encouraged to avoid costly repairs and remain aware of your surroundings. Most windshield cracks occur on the highway. Last year, Toronto Auto Glass received hundreds of leads from people who experienced a crack while driving on the highway.

Going at such high speeds, there is a 20% chance that you will exit with a chip on your windshield. Toronto Auto Glass has handled many situations like this. If you do happen to see a tiny rock coming your way, remember that there are other vehicles around you. Do not quickly steer away. Your windshield is built in such a way that a tiny rock most likely will not break it. Auto Glass experts reported that over 100 car accidents were caused last year by people who were trying to avoid objects flying at their cars. Cracks are all very unique, sometimes hard to see and often easy to fix. So take the expert advice from Auto Glass Changers and remember to constantly examine your windshield, be aware of your surroundings, avoid rocky roads, and continue to educate yourself on the points the auto glass experts have made. Most importantly, a chip will eventually turn into a long crack, which will end up leaving you with a bigger bill than you initially bargained for.

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