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Auto glass Scratch prevention & removal methods

Auto glass repairs are costly and our negligence for scratches may aggravate them into cracks or chips, incurring monetary loses for repairs. Auto glasses need protection against scratches and cracks. A glass scratch causes glare or unclear vision which may be unsafe for driving. Auto glass scratches make your vehicle look older than its actual age. Many vehicle accidents occur because of a simple scratch on the windscreen. In the night time, the light through the windshield scratches gets dispersed, refracted and reflected which distracts the driver and obscures his vision. Anything that hinders in driving can be dangerous and hence, demands immediate attention and scratches are such looming dangers.

Scratches are not cracks but may look similar and have an almost same appearance. The differentiation between the two becomes important as the cracks need to be repaired immediately, but the scratches can be removed or reduced by using some simple methods. But auto glass professionals are one stop solution for all your needs regarding auto glass scratches, cracks, repairs and replacement needs. The scratches are generally on the glass outer surface, unlike cracks which go deep inside. Some of the most obvious reasons for auto glass scratches are listed below along with the techniques to avoid the same.

  • Keep your windscreen clean: Dirt on the windscreen is one of the prime reasons for the scratches on the windshield. While leaving from your home, always make sure that your windshield is clean and there are no prior scratches on it. It’s a good practice to clean the glasses and windscreen with some fluid to remove the dust or scratches from it. Small scratches if not removed may widen or result in cracks. Clean windshield improves driver’s vision and clarity for better control.
  • Don’t run your wipers dry: Auto glass wipers are handy for cleaning the windscreen or back glass and to remove water during the rains. But if the wipers are used without fluid, the friction between the wiper blades and glass may be too high or uneven which leaves an impression on the glass or may result in scratches. To avoid this, the cars and most of the other vehicles have automatic fluid washing mechanism in place. So, to clean the windscreen, first, wash it with the fluid jet and then turn on the wipers. Also, if the windscreen has dust particles, then these may get dragged from one end of the windshield to other along with the wiper blades, causing scratches all across their path. In stormy weather rain along with dust particles falls on the glasses which is the most probable combination for the scratches. Hence, the customers must remember these facts and act carefully to avoid scratches.
  • Keep your washing bottle full: The vehicles come with the automatic fluid jet system to clean the windscreen with wipers in wet condition. But many a time, the vehicle owners forget to fill up the fluid bottle. And if in the meantime they need to clean the windscreen they do not have sufficient fluid to use the wipers in wet conditions. And therefore, it causes scratches on the windscreen, reducing the vision is further which may have dangerous implications.
  • Maintain the wiper blades regularly: The wiper blades have a short life and get worn out quickly with regular usage. The blades may develop uneven surface or may lose rubber cushion. Using such worn out wipers for windscreen cleaning might cause scratches even in wet conditions. Hence, it is required to maintain the wipers in perfect conditions. It’s advisable to replace the wiper blades as per the manufacturer or service engineer’s recommendation.
  • Avoid driving during storms or cyclone warnings: During a storm or cyclones, heavy dust or metal particles hit your vehicle at high speed and can cause severe damages or scratches. All during storms visibility remains very poor, and hence, it’s not advisable to take your vehicles outside. The best way to prevent damages due to heavy winds is to park your vehicle in a garage and cover it with a sheet.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, some coatings and films can also be used to protect your glasses against any scratches or damages. The scratches should be removed quickly or it may damage the glass beyond repair or distract the driver which can be dangerous. In case of any emergency or difficulty, it’s always advisable to go to auto glass repair industry professionals. They can guide you with the most suitable techniques customised as per your requirements.

If you get a scratch on your vehicle glass, the first step should be to ascertain whether it’s a scratch or crack. You can judge that by simply rubbing your hand on it, but sometimes it’s difficult to make out, in that case, you can call auto glass changers’ customer support team, and they will come for inspection of your vehicle. Any glass with crack or chipping needs to be replaced or repaired as it’s dangerous to drive with a damaged glass. But if it’s just a scratch, then you can employ different methods to remove it before the damage magnifies. Failing to remove the scratch might ultimately require glass replacement by a technician.

You can follow some simple steps to remove scratches from vehicle glasses.

Materials required:

  • Auto Repair Kit
  • Cleaning agent mixed scratch removal compound
  • Water source
  • A piece of Soft Cloth

Step 1: Clean the window surface with water
Clean the entire area carefully with the help of a water hose and a cleansing agent that contains citric acid or alcohol to remove any dirt or metal particles. But due care must be taken in applying the pressure as extra pressure may exacerbate the situation by widening the scratch during cleaning. And do remember to wipe the windows dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Check Depth of the Scratch
Different intensity scratches need different treatments, and hence, a careful inspection with rubbing your hand or fingernails across the scratch is required to measure its extent. A simple way to ascertain the depth is by moving your thumbnail across the scratched area, and if you sense a change in the level and your thumb gets stuck in the way, then it might be a crack or chip. In the event of a crack, you need to consult an auto glass repair professional to get the glass repaired or replaced, and if it’s a mere scratch, then you can proceed with the next two steps to remove it.

Step 3: Apply scratch removal Compound
Purchase an Auto repair kit from a local store and take out the rubbing compound from it. The compound should contain cerium oxide which acts as a sealant. If you do not want to buy an auto repair kit, then you can prepare the scratch removing compound at your home itself. But it’s important to follow the steps precisely to prepare the compound as without a good rubbing compound the scratch will not be removed completely or will again reappear after some time.

following ingredients can be used to prepare the scratch removal compound.

  • Jeweller’s rouge. It consists of wax and aluminium oxide and is widely used by the jewelers in polishing the soft metals.
  • Glycerine or glycol. Both ingredients have similar properties and are used as moisturizers in skin care products. Glycerine is available in almost every drugstore while an anti-freeze which contains glycol can be used alternatively.
  • Water. Demineralised water is preferable for making the compound but ordinary water can also be used.

Now, all you need to do is to rub the compound over the affected portion of the glass to cover it completely. Do not use too much pressure while applying the compound as it may damage the glass if the scratch is deep. After applying it thoroughly you can remove the excess compound using a soft cloth. Allow the compound to dry for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Clean the glass and Dry
You can use water and soap solution to clean the glass and repeat it 2-3 times to remove the compound. After cleaning and drying it thoroughly, check for any spots or marks on the glass. Window scratches might resurface after some months and you might need to apply the scratch removal methods again from step1.

Now, with these techniques of auto glass scratch prevention and removal you can reduce the maintenance cost for your vehicle and drive safely. But do consult professionals for, if you need any further assistance regarding auto glass repair or replacement.

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