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Auto Glass Replacement or Repair? Which one you need to consider for fixing your broken windshield!

auto glass Repair

Suppose you are driving ecstatically on the road when you hear a sudden, noise? a piece of a stone chip by another vehicle hitting your windshield.

A vehicle with the cracked windshield is just like a scary accident. Windshield are crafted to resist damages from different projectiles such as stone chips and ice rain. Depending on the location, such situations can happen on regular basis. Regions which have serious rainfall and intense hailstorm can see more destruction to their windshields.

In such situations, you need have an auto glass technician analyze your vehicle to decide certain things. Like, is the crack easy to fix since some cracks are so small in size and do not cause any problem in visibility. Is it needed to do an auto glass repair or glass replacement? Get your windshield crack correctly at the right time is important otherwise, it will become an apparent risk. Frankly speaking, most of the people consider glass repairing as a headache and keep ignoring this issue. But seriously this is the worst thing that you do. Maintaining auto glasses can be benefited from just an easy repair if it is not then replacement would be a more practical option, to not risk your protection.

A windshield appears as a large piece of glass but in reality, it is two pieces. Usually, vehicle’s windshields are engineered using a solid and laminated glass which is considered as best glass for making windshields. Both sections of glass are connected together using a vinyl sheet after that windshield is installed into your car or truck.

Instead of a sturdy construction, a small piece of stone can chip or crack it. But a crack in windshield does not cause a severe injury.

Here, I am going to share some points that you should examine before going for a windshield repair.

When do you need to go for auto glass repair?


In case chip or crack is not affecting the vision of driver then you can simply go for the repair instead of replacing it. So, it is something that you need to check in details whether it is small or large in size.

Quarter Test-
Take something in your hands in order to measure the chip or crack in your windshield. Give a close view of whether quarter envelops the damaged spot completely or not. If it does, the opportunity is that you can get your windshield repaired. As little chips and cracks can expand with time, is better to deal with them during early stages.

Multiple layers damage-
Every time a chip or crack infuses the different layers of crack or glass inside the windshield then this would be really the time to get your windshield replaced.
Getting your windshield replaced or repaired is important to make sure that your vehicle offers a safe environment to drive.

Shapes and sizes-
If your vehicle has a crack which is shaped like a semi-circle and measuring around one inch or more and is causing a problem in vision then you have to go for replacement services. Vehicle cracks with sizes around 6 inches and offering an ambiguous vision to the driver need to be repaired.

Making a right decision on repairing or replacing a windshield is essential to have a vehicle completely safe to drive. Different types of cracks can be filled with dirt which will gradually deteriorate the configuration of glass, resulting in damage viewing facility which may cause an accident.

Based on the location, size and damage, you can decide which option is suitable for you and can fix your auto glass problem. In case you will not be sure whether your windshield requires replacement or repair, contact an auto glass repair service provider. A small size crack can be corrected spending less money and time but once it gets spread then it can lead to a big damage, resulting replacement of the whole windshield

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