21 Dec

Auto Glass Replacement or Repair? Which one you need to consider for fixing your broken windshield!

auto glass Repair

Suppose you are driving ecstatically on the road when you hear a sudden, noise? a piece of a stone chip by another vehicle hitting your windshield.

A vehicle with the cracked windshield is just like a scary accident. Windshield are crafted to resist damages from different projectiles such as stone chips and ice rain. Depending on the location, such situations can happen on regular basis. Regions which have serious rainfall and intense hailstorm can see more destruction to their windshields.

In such situations, you need have an auto glass technician analyze your vehicle to decide certain things. Like, is the crack easy to fix since some cracks are so small in size and do not cause any problem in visibility. Is it needed to do an auto glass repair or glass replacement? Get your windshield crack correctly at the right time is important otherwise, it will become an apparent risk. Frankly speaking, most of the people consider glass repairing as a headache and keep ignoring this issue. But seriously this is the worst thing that you do. Maintaining auto glasses can be benefited from just an easy repair if it is not then replacement would be a more practical option, to not risk your protection.

A windshield appears as a large piece of glass but in reality, it is two pieces. Usually, vehicle’s windshields are engineered using a solid and laminated glass which is considered as best glass for making windshields. Both sections of glass are connected together using a vinyl sheet after that windshield is installed into your car or truck.

Instead of a sturdy construction, a small piece of stone can chip or crack it. But a crack in windshield does not cause a severe injury.

Here, I am going to share some points that you should examine before going for a windshield repair.

When do you need to go for auto glass repair?


In case chip or crack is not affecting the vision of driver then you can simply go for the repair instead of replacing it. So, it is something that you need to check in details whether it is small or large in size.

Quarter Test-
Take something in your hands in order to measure the chip or crack in your windshield. Give a close view of whether quarter envelops the damaged spot completely or not. If it does, the opportunity is that you can get your windshield repaired. As little chips and cracks can expand with time, is better to deal with them during early stages.

Multiple layers damage-
Every time a chip or crack infuses the different layers of crack or glass inside the windshield then this would be really the time to get your windshield replaced.
Getting your windshield replaced or repaired is important to make sure that your vehicle offers a safe environment to drive.

Shapes and sizes-
If your vehicle has a crack which is shaped like a semi-circle and measuring around one inch or more and is causing a problem in vision then you have to go for replacement services. Vehicle cracks with sizes around 6 inches and offering an ambiguous vision to the driver need to be repaired.

Making a right decision on repairing or replacing a windshield is essential to have a vehicle completely safe to drive. Different types of cracks can be filled with dirt which will gradually deteriorate the configuration of glass, resulting in damage viewing facility which may cause an accident.

Based on the location, size and damage, you can decide which option is suitable for you and can fix your auto glass problem. In case you will not be sure whether your windshield requires replacement or repair, contact an auto glass repair service provider. A small size crack can be corrected spending less money and time but once it gets spread then it can lead to a big damage, resulting replacement of the whole windshield

14 Dec

Choosing the right company for auto glass replacement or repair

Get High-Quality Auto Glass Repair services For Damaged Windshields:
Having your own vehicle is very important these days, especially with the new population growth in 2017 each family averages about 2.5 cars per household. Now the problem is that 90% of these people don’t care about their auto maintenance or services so the majority of these vehicles run into problems. Also with so many careless drivers on the road, especially the construction transportation trucks, and road construction open roof trucks, there is a good chance for the stone chips flying into your vehicle and damaging your windshield. Now the chances of your vehicle getting cracked or damaged are high. Being a vehicle owner, I can say that chipping on your windshield or repairing a tiny crack prior to it has the opportunity to grow up into a bigger chip and crack which would need a complete auto glass repair or replacement. Primarily because of weather conditions which keep fluctuating from summer, rainy and winter. As you know your vehicle’s windshield keeps contracting and expanding with the fluctuation in temperature ranges so, a small chip may become a colossal crack the next day.

Since auto glass replacement is a matter of quality as well as money is important to choose the right and exclusive auto glass replacement or repair provider is vital. With the increased development of auto glass industries, now people can enjoy exploring so many options and prices to choose from. But at the same time, it also creates much confusion in the mind of a selector. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that you need to think much as you can search on Google; it will provide you the list of best auto glass changers.

Most important factors about auto glass replacement
Top grade services-

Maintaining the quality and safety of your vehicle is necessary and a vehicle repair and replacement provider can offer these to you. Whether you want to access these services for damaged glasses with scratches, chipped glass or displaced glass, make sure that they will always serve you with the best. They should not only fix the tiniest crack but also offer a top quality windshield replacement and installation service. Apart from this, you should always hire a well trained professional company that knows how to perform windshield replacement or repairing and familiar with all the advanced technologies related to glass quality repair skills of your vehicles. They not only repair the stone chip or fill the crack accurately but also restore the lucidity of the glass.
Reliable and quick services
The best thing about the technicians is that they specialize in glass replacements and know how to perform their tasks right and on time. You can get your glass repaired or replaced on the same day or on the next day when you provide your vehicle to them.

Affordable services-
While thinking about the price ranges, you should contact a few companies for the best quote and efficiency in time. Offering a reliable service at the reasonable price range. They should always try to keep their services up and costs affordable and low. With most of the windshield replacement companies, instead of repairing it they like to replace the whole windshield. Take advice from a reputable company that has good Google reviews and rating.

24/7 customer care services
When it comes to the customer care services, auto glass and windshield replacement are perfect for providing courteous and timely services. If their clients need any type of guidance regarding the glass repair process then they should always feel happy by assisting them no matter what time or day it is.

13 Sep

Search In For The Best Auto Glass Repair Company

A damaged car windshield is not less dangerous than any accident. If your auto glass is cracked or the side mirror glass has been damaged, you have to take your auto to the mechanic. But it is difficult to find out whether the work done by him is accurate and will it last for longer period. Although, the cracked or chipped auto glass can bring serious injury to the person sitting inside the car.
Since your vehicle glass has cracked, it becomes weak and can easily breakable, so wonderful opportunity for the thieves to steal your thing inside the car. Before you met with any situation, it is better to repair your auto glass.
In Toronto, we see many cases of auto collapsing with each other due to several reasons such as rash driving, drink, and drives or overtake and etc. Finding yourself in the situation of an immediate need of auto glass repair can be stressful and upsetting too. Obviously, the first thing you find convenient to do a google search for nearby repair service centers, which is an effort to find close to you to help immediately.
There are several numbers of companies to find online that specialized in auto glass replacement and repair. However, finding a trusted and good serviced company is not an easy task. Following are some useful points or can say tips to find the best glass repair company. Simply rely on them and get your vehicle glass repaired successfully within less time.

Find The Company That Is Near To You

The best thing of finding a nearby company is that you can easily locate their service centers. Some people don’t think too much, simply hand over their vehicle to them no matter where they belong to. You should always check the contact us page of these companies to trace the location where you are to get quick help. You may also check the service area they have.

The Company Must Be Certified

Before finalizing the company, just make out that the company that will work for is licensed or not. The company must be certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council and NGA. Having a certification with these groups let you understand that the person working in the companies are fully trained as well as the company follows strict practices that improve the working quality. Also, the company is up to date with the latest technical skills.

Don’t Trust The Companies That Offer You One Hour Service On The Phone

Some of the companies give customer offers to repair the car in one hour on the phone without analyzing the damaged of the car. So it is advisable not to rely on this kind of companies who confirms service time while chatting or on the phone. This kind of behavior shows that the company is not honest and do not know what they are doing, just giving you false agreement. A good company ever takes responsibility till they do not see how much and damage is caused to the auto and then only they give the approximate time and cost.

Ask The Neighbors Or Friends

Till you decide the company from where you want to take service, first take recommendations from friends or neighbors, those have taken their auto glass repaired or replaced by the auto glass repair company Toronto, they will suggest you the good one to use. You will find that they are willing to advise you regarding such companies where their friends have visited for the glass repaired.
So these were some of the points that should keep in mind when you are searching for the auto glass repaired and replacement. Just don’t get stuck with the one, watch different sites of the company in Toronto.

23 Jun

Auto glass Scratch prevention & removal methods

Auto glass repairs are costly and our negligence for scratches may aggravate them into cracks or chips, incurring monetary loses for repairs. Auto glasses need protection against scratches and cracks. A glass scratch causes glare or unclear vision which may be unsafe for driving. Auto glass scratches make your vehicle look older than its actual age. Many vehicle accidents occur because of a simple scratch on the windscreen. In the night time, the light through the windshield scratches gets dispersed, refracted and reflected which distracts the driver and obscures his vision. Anything that hinders in driving can be dangerous and hence, demands immediate attention and scratches are such looming dangers.

Scratches are not cracks but may look similar and have an almost same appearance. The differentiation between the two becomes important as the cracks need to be repaired immediately, but the scratches can be removed or reduced by using some simple methods. But auto glass professionals are one stop solution for all your needs regarding auto glass scratches, cracks, repairs and replacement needs. The scratches are generally on the glass outer surface, unlike cracks which go deep inside. Some of the most obvious reasons for auto glass scratches are listed below along with the techniques to avoid the same.

  • Keep your windscreen clean: Dirt on the windscreen is one of the prime reasons for the scratches on the windshield. While leaving from your home, always make sure that your windshield is clean and there are no prior scratches on it. It’s a good practice to clean the glasses and windscreen with some fluid to remove the dust or scratches from it. Small scratches if not removed may widen or result in cracks. Clean windshield improves driver’s vision and clarity for better control.
  • Don’t run your wipers dry: Auto glass wipers are handy for cleaning the windscreen or back glass and to remove water during the rains. But if the wipers are used without fluid, the friction between the wiper blades and glass may be too high or uneven which leaves an impression on the glass or may result in scratches. To avoid this, the cars and most of the other vehicles have automatic fluid washing mechanism in place. So, to clean the windscreen, first, wash it with the fluid jet and then turn on the wipers. Also, if the windscreen has dust particles, then these may get dragged from one end of the windshield to other along with the wiper blades, causing scratches all across their path. In stormy weather rain along with dust particles falls on the glasses which is the most probable combination for the scratches. Hence, the customers must remember these facts and act carefully to avoid scratches.
  • Keep your washing bottle full: The vehicles come with the automatic fluid jet system to clean the windscreen with wipers in wet condition. But many a time, the vehicle owners forget to fill up the fluid bottle. And if in the meantime they need to clean the windscreen they do not have sufficient fluid to use the wipers in wet conditions. And therefore, it causes scratches on the windscreen, reducing the vision is further which may have dangerous implications.
  • Maintain the wiper blades regularly: The wiper blades have a short life and get worn out quickly with regular usage. The blades may develop uneven surface or may lose rubber cushion. Using such worn out wipers for windscreen cleaning might cause scratches even in wet conditions. Hence, it is required to maintain the wipers in perfect conditions. It’s advisable to replace the wiper blades as per the manufacturer or service engineer’s recommendation.
  • Avoid driving during storms or cyclone warnings: During a storm or cyclones, heavy dust or metal particles hit your vehicle at high speed and can cause severe damages or scratches. All during storms visibility remains very poor, and hence, it’s not advisable to take your vehicles outside. The best way to prevent damages due to heavy winds is to park your vehicle in a garage and cover it with a sheet.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, some coatings and films can also be used to protect your glasses against any scratches or damages. The scratches should be removed quickly or it may damage the glass beyond repair or distract the driver which can be dangerous. In case of any emergency or difficulty, it’s always advisable to go to auto glass repair industry professionals. They can guide you with the most suitable techniques customised as per your requirements.

If you get a scratch on your vehicle glass, the first step should be to ascertain whether it’s a scratch or crack. You can judge that by simply rubbing your hand on it, but sometimes it’s difficult to make out, in that case, you can call auto glass changers’ customer support team, and they will come for inspection of your vehicle. Any glass with crack or chipping needs to be replaced or repaired as it’s dangerous to drive with a damaged glass. But if it’s just a scratch, then you can employ different methods to remove it before the damage magnifies. Failing to remove the scratch might ultimately require glass replacement by a technician.

You can follow some simple steps to remove scratches from vehicle glasses.

Materials required:

  • Auto Repair Kit
  • Cleaning agent mixed scratch removal compound
  • Water source
  • A piece of Soft Cloth

Step 1: Clean the window surface with water
Clean the entire area carefully with the help of a water hose and a cleansing agent that contains citric acid or alcohol to remove any dirt or metal particles. But due care must be taken in applying the pressure as extra pressure may exacerbate the situation by widening the scratch during cleaning. And do remember to wipe the windows dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Check Depth of the Scratch
Different intensity scratches need different treatments, and hence, a careful inspection with rubbing your hand or fingernails across the scratch is required to measure its extent. A simple way to ascertain the depth is by moving your thumbnail across the scratched area, and if you sense a change in the level and your thumb gets stuck in the way, then it might be a crack or chip. In the event of a crack, you need to consult an auto glass repair professional to get the glass repaired or replaced, and if it’s a mere scratch, then you can proceed with the next two steps to remove it.

Step 3: Apply scratch removal Compound
Purchase an Auto repair kit from a local store and take out the rubbing compound from it. The compound should contain cerium oxide which acts as a sealant. If you do not want to buy an auto repair kit, then you can prepare the scratch removing compound at your home itself. But it’s important to follow the steps precisely to prepare the compound as without a good rubbing compound the scratch will not be removed completely or will again reappear after some time.

following ingredients can be used to prepare the scratch removal compound.

  • Jeweller’s rouge. It consists of wax and aluminium oxide and is widely used by the jewelers in polishing the soft metals.
  • Glycerine or glycol. Both ingredients have similar properties and are used as moisturizers in skin care products. Glycerine is available in almost every drugstore while an anti-freeze which contains glycol can be used alternatively.
  • Water. Demineralised water is preferable for making the compound but ordinary water can also be used.

Now, all you need to do is to rub the compound over the affected portion of the glass to cover it completely. Do not use too much pressure while applying the compound as it may damage the glass if the scratch is deep. After applying it thoroughly you can remove the excess compound using a soft cloth. Allow the compound to dry for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Clean the glass and Dry
You can use water and soap solution to clean the glass and repeat it 2-3 times to remove the compound. After cleaning and drying it thoroughly, check for any spots or marks on the glass. Window scratches might resurface after some months and you might need to apply the scratch removal methods again from step1.

Now, with these techniques of auto glass scratch prevention and removal you can reduce the maintenance cost for your vehicle and drive safely. But do consult professionals for, if you need any further assistance regarding auto glass repair or replacement.

30 May

Protection Pads: An Auto glass protection technique

Protection pads for the Windshield and support kits for auto glass provide extra strength to it and ensure that it can withstand the accidental shocks and keep the thieves at bay.

In an accident, the major cuts and injuries to the occupants are caused due to the broken window glasses or the windshield. The vehicle glasses need strength to withstand the shocks and damages due to minor accidents or extreme weather conditions.
The windshield strength is important for a vehicle as it bears a lot of varying air pressures. It also needs the flexibility to withstand the elastic deformations in the body due to bumps. Additionally, the windshield should dry up quickly to allow a clear vision to the driver in the rain.

The advancement in technology and evolution of chemical methods to impart desired properties to the glass has opened up a range of innovative solutions to avoid injuries from broken glasses.

The windshields are susceptible to cracks. These cracks and chips affect the visibility and therefore compromise with the safety aspect. The repairs for glass cracks are expensive and might need full replacement. The following methods can be effective in protecting the auto glasses from cracks and chips, providing a comfortable and safe driving experience.
Glass has high compressive strength, but the flexibility and tensile strengths are relatively lower. The bending stress is mostly the reason for breaking the glass as the impact due to sudden jerk gets distributed to the car body and deforms it, but the glass has less flexibility and brakes.

Protection Pads:

Fixing the protective films can reduce the risk of glass cracks due to jerks significantly. It adds to the cost but is an effective way to incorporate a wonderful safety feature to your vehicle. The bending stress in the glass is not uniform; it’s more on the corners than the centre. Therefore, a protection pad can be used to strengthen the weak areas of the glass.

Fig1. Shows a protective windshield pad designed for giving additional support to the windshield.

It’s basically an engineering solution made as a closed and transparent strip. It’s located on the perimeter of the windshield and has a wedge-shaped elastic and transparent outer layer while the inner layer is adhesive to hold the glass in its place.

Its working principle

The working principle of a protective pad is simple. The inner adhesive layer helps the blunt edge of the wedge-shaped profile of the paste to stick to the outer surface of the windshield along its perimeter while the sharp edge is glued to in the direction of the window centre. In the event of a sudden jerk, the thickness layer works as a cushion for the glass and because of its elastic properties saves the glass from the high bending stress. There is a further elastic elongation of the thickness layer towards the centre, this increasing stress-bearing capacity of the windshield towards the centre provides extra support and flexibility. These protective pads help in protecting the glass zones which are more susceptible to damage and hence reduce the maintenance costs for the vehicle.

Also, Protective pads, unlike Protective films, eliminate the need for the protective coating on the glass which improves the visibility and increases the durability of the protective pads.

The protective pads can be customized with different sizes and elastic capacity. Using the software programs the designing and size calculations can be performed to suit your vehicle needs perfectly.

The protective pads provide a viable solution for the Auto Glass protection and can be effective in providing more safety to the owner and his family. Professionals in the auto glass industry such as Auto Glass Changers, Canada can apply this innovative idea in a cost effective manner to ensure the best safety precautions for the customers. The protective pads are worth it as nothing is more important than safety. Installing protection pads will ensure that the probability of breaking of the glass is reduced drastically and therefore, it will save the repair costs and the precious life of the occupants.

23 Mar

Uses of glass in different industries

The glass is one of the most used elements in the world today. From vehicles to buildings and smartphones, glass is being used in the majority of industries for many reasons. In the list below we take a look at some of the industries where glass is used the most. Auto glass Ajax has been providing glass to vehicles in Canada for a long time now.

1. Automobile

Glass finds its biggest usage in the automobile industry. There are currently over 1 billion vehicles being used in the world at the moment and all of those vehicles use glass in one way or the other. Their biggest usage in automobiles is in the windshields. Every automobile needs a windshield which is primarily made up of glass. The glass in the windshield sandwiches a sticky substance in between. This helps the glass to remain intact with one another and in the case of breakage, it holds the pieces together and doesn’t let it fly into or away from the vehicle. The glass in also used in windows of cars and other vehicles. Apart from that glass is used in the sunroof as well which is on the roof of a vehicle and retracts and comes on as the driver pleases to do. There are other uses of glass as well such as in the engine bay cover. In cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, the engine is covered by glass for people to see the engine. The glass in automobiles is being replaced by plastics in some cases however plastic doesn’t offer as much clarity as glass and so glass in unlikely to be replaced in the near future. There are many shops that change the windshield or broken window panels in cars. One such shop is Auto glass Ajax which is situated in Canada. This shop is among the best for replacing windshields of cars and other vehicles.

2. Electronic devices

There are more than 7 billion smartphones in the world today and most of them use glass as their screen. When other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and computers are added this number grows even further. The usage of glass in the electronic devices has been monumental in the last decade. Companies like Corning have become one of the best in providing glass to personal devices such as smartphones. The glass used in these devices have superiority over the plastics in terms of quality and durability. Corning produces Gorilla glass which is used in the smartphones to give it a nice look and feel. Glass is also used in devices such as TV which have one of the biggest screen of any electronic device. With continuous growth in the industry the amount of glass usage is expected to rise at the same pace as it has been for the last decade.

3. Buildings

Another field that glass finds its usage is in buildings. In today’s world, there are many skyscrapers which have been constructed in the urban areas to keep the population in comfort. These buildings are often constructed with glass as the outermost layer of it. The glass in the building keep the building looking beautiful and also possesses certain safety advantages. The glass used in the buildings are among the largest in the business and so need to be constructed with great precision and good technique.

The above three industries are the ones in which glass is used the most. The usage is expected to grow even more as the world progresses. It is to be seen whether any replacement for glass is made in the future, but for now, glass is among the most used elements in the world.

23 Feb

Auto Glass Repair services in Oshawa

Auto Glass requires a little maintenance but there are times when you might require some sort of repair in regards to your Auto Glass. We understand your need and that is why we came up with Oshawa Auto Glass Repair. If you have a broken or a chipped auto glass, you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here to take care of your ride. We have a huge customer base and we have not received a single complaint so far so you do not have to worry about finding the experts because we here to serve you.
To justify the customer service provided by us, we also offer a lifetime warranty on the jobs we do so that you get complete peace of mind. Our workers are trained to the best level and they leave no room for mistake. After getting a glass replacement from us, you would not have to worry about leaks or any other thing. If you feel there is a lack of service, you can simply ring us and we will be there to serve you.

For your convenience, we provide you with a large number of services and at the same time, we use high-quality material to ensure a satisfactory service. Here is a list of services we provide –

• Stone Chip Repair Services

Stone Chip occurs when a piece of gravel or a small stone hits the windshield. This causes a small crack in the auto glass and sometimes it can be really annoying. There are many Do It Yourself kits available in the market but the kits are not very reliable. Experts at Oshawa Auto Glass can take care of stone chip in nick of time. The experts are aware of the right procedure to repair the chip and the procedure used by them is a unique one. They inject a clear resin in the impacted area and within a few minutes, the chip disappears. You will never be able to figure out that the glass was damaged earlier.

• Windshield Repair and Replacement

If you have got a small crack on the windshield, many of the Auto Glass Changers would suggest you a change the windshield but we understand the value of your hard earned money and we don’t want you to waste the money hence we also provide services to repair the Windshield. In most of the cases, we can repair a crack which is less than 6 inches. We offer reliable repair and if in case you want to replace your windshield, we can do that too. We use top quality resin to attach the windshield to your car so that the seal doesn’t leak and damages the interiors of your car.

• Tinting the Auto Glass

Tinting the auto class helps in keeping the car cool on a hot summer day and at the same time, it improves the appearance of the car. We at Oshawa Auto Glass can tint your ride with high-quality film and we also take care of state laws regarding the shades of the tint. The tints provided by us are of high quality and they are weatherproof as well.

25 Jan

Taking Care of Auto Windshield Glass

Auto-Owners and drivers are already aware of the importance of windshield of a vehicle. The utility of Windshield comes from the fact that it bears the heavy amount of air pressure which strikes the auto from the opposite direction. Hence, auto glass Oshawa is made of toughened glass. However, it is not indestructible and due to some incidents or aging, it is possible that minor cracks might appear on it. If a Windshield is damaged then auto glass Oshawa repair is the next option one is left with. Contrary to it, if certain precautions and tips are taken into considerations such annoying indentation on the auto glass can be avoided.

Accidents, as commonly known are the cause for damaging auto and this include auto glass Oshawa damage. However, apart from accidents following is a list of things and actions which could turn out to be a reason for windshield break.

1. Parking Area: This might sound like an advertisement of a parking lot but in soothe it is safe to park there as compared to roadside parking. A roadside parking involves risk of being brushed by any passerby vehicles or even makes the auto vulnerable to notorious onlookers. So, a secured parking space is important to be sure that no harm is incurred to the vehicle while you are away.

2. Removing the frost: Frost and snow are common in Canada and thus, it is even more common to find it on the windshield.

a. Ice scrapers used to remove these frost must be made up of plastic so that they are smooth on the glass surface. Metal scrappers are more probable to damage the auto glass.

b. Another method to remove ice from the auto glass is by using hot water. But before attempting so, make sure the auto is left to heat up for sometime else minor cracks might develop n the glass.

3. Wiper Check: Checking the wipers on regular basis is yet another preventive maintenance work for the windshield. It is important that the wiper surface is smooth as it has to glide over the glass. Hence, any irregularities in the wiper or any considerable size particle in between the wiper and the windshield will definitely cause damage.

4. Precautions while driving: Indeed, avoiding rash driving is a parameter to avoid accidents but in order to maintain a healthy windshield there are a few other things which must also be avoided.

a. Tailgating: Tailgate refers to the phenomena when small stones or earth particles take momentum from the rear wheels and fly in a forward circle with chances to hit right into the windshield. This happens at times when the vehicle is driven at high speed. Hence, special care must be taken on speed part if the road has small stones on it.

b. Keep adequate distance from heavy motor vehicles: The heavy auto mentioned here mainly include trucks carrying construction loads and dumps. Being right behind such trucks exposes the windshield for damage if pieces of the load which the truck carries flow outside and hit the glass.

5. Windshield check: One must carry on regular checks of the windshield to ensure that it is free from small chips. A small chip on the auto glass if left unattended for a long time can lead to a big crack rendering the glass useless.
Small chips in the windshield can be repaired by Auto Glass Changers and we strive to be the best auto glass repair Oshawa. We also specialize in auto glass replacement at very competitive rates.

With above tips, AGC has tried its best to make the common man aware of methods to increase the life of auto glass and hence save considerable bucks.

27 Dec

Auto glass changers: the hub of auto glass repair and replacement

Auto glass Changers (AGC) is a prominent company which provides all sorts of glass repair and auto glass replacement service in Canada. This company has immense experience in this business and more than twenty years of long time relationship with its customers. Most of the people of Canada prefer to choose Auto glass Changers for any kind of glass replacement or repair service. If you are in the search of a company which provides auto glass Oshawa then AGC is always the best option for you. This company has almost 85 certified technicians and 35 trucks for the glass transportation. The main motto of this company is to provide safety assurance to the customer. This company provides quality auto glass for the better safety of your vehicle. As a top company in glass industry, this company always put its focus on better construction of glass and repairs the cracks properly on any glass. If you need any kind of glass repair of your car or other vehicle then this company will definitely help you and provide service at an affordable price.


When the thing comes to vehicle glass you know that the longer your glass crack exists it’s more difficult to repair it. As it’s too risky for you also it’s always better to repair it in the earlier stage. It’s always important to go for an expert technician who can easily repair your crack. In this case Auto glass Changers is always the best option for you. As this company has expert technicians they can easily measure the crack depth and provide the best repair service to the customer. Quality always matters to this company. This company always takes cares of its services and always wants to satisfy its customer. The company members always give importance to the money of the customer and try to give their best service for the customer benefits. You can get in Richmond hill auto glass service from this company.


Why do you choose AGC (AUTO GLASS CHANGERS)?

➢ It provides best auto glass repair and replacement service.
➢ This company has experienced technicians for the glass repair service
➢ It uses modern technology and tools for the better service.
➢ This is an old company and immense experience in this business.
➢ Provides all services at an affordable price.
➢ Always takes care of customer property.

Some special service of AGC:

This company helps customers by repairing their vehicle glasses. This company provides this service within 30 minutes and saves many money of the customer.

Auto glass replacement:

If you are worry for your vehicle’s broken glass then AGC will definitely help you. The expert technicians of this company can easily exchange your auto glass within some minutes. This company also provides quality glass which is quite durable and stronger in nature. This company can replace almost every model of vehicle.

In Canada, this company is too popular for its extra ordinary auto glass exchange and repair service. Auto glass Oshawa service of this company is quite popular and most of the people go there for the better service of their vehicle glass repair or replacement. If you need any service from this company then you can contact with their special member for any special information regarding this company feels free to call on 416-889-1234. For any special suggestion, you can email at support@autoglasschangers.ca.

12 Dec

Auto Glass & Windshield Service & Repair in Oshawa

Auto Glass Oshawa concerns of car and trucks windows. That are all automobile windows, windshield and power windows. Sunroofs are also classified as part of the auto window family.

Car windows are raised or lowered through the click of a button. In older models they are raised or lowered through the use of a hand crank. The sunroof is also controlled by an electronic button and with older models hand cranks are available. However, hand cranks are rapidly vanishing nowadays. Modern vehicles are coming with power windows. Vehicles on the market for automobile buyers today also include sun blinds and wide suns blinds for windows.

All windows and windscreens are unique in a vehicle. They protect the motorist and passengers from outside condition, debris of sorts, particular road conditions and even help reduce noise. It is made up of special glasses to prevent from breaking into sharp parts like other normal glasses. So when in accident, injuries from debris of auto glasses are less likely to occur.

Cracks and scratching to vehicle glasses are common from driving. Cracks could become big and change the overall performance of the vehicle. Ignoring cracks in windows could constitute threats for drivers and passengers and prove to be expensive as well. Ignoring crack repairs in a car window typically leads to big damage, which could contributing in changing the windows which represents a higher overhead in auto glass repair fees. Auto Glass Replacement overheads more than repairing it. The earlier you restore a cracked car window, the less expensive it is down the road. Varieties of new technologies qualify for instantaneously repairing cracks and scratches. We are well equipped with all new technologies and tools to repair and replace auto glasses. We ready to help you.

Why should you choose the right auto glass changer company?

● Quality of auto glasses
● Cost of repairing or replacement
● Safety of drivers and passengers on street
● Timely and quality services
● Guarantee for the services provided .
● Good liaison with Insurance Company
● Availability of Mobile Services

Auto Glass Repair Oshawa is your last stop for all your Auto glass repair necessities. We do not mind models of vehicles. Similarly, we do not mind types of auto glasses. We easily work on auto glasses of vehicles which are of different models. We have the best brands of glass forms that suits any model of vehicle and we use upgraded tools and techniques for fixings. We are very quick in reaching you. We take less than half an hour to reach any location that you prefer in Oshawa. We provide mobile services to cover every area in Oshawa. Through mobile services, we provide quick and efficient emergency services at any time of any day in a year. Just hire us.

Is the auto glass of your auto destroyed beyond fixing? Are you looking for good company for replacement? You don’t have to search any more. We are the experts in auto glass service & repair works in Oshawa.